Traveling with an Ear Ache

The hustle and bustle of the modern almost guarantees that people will continue to travel repeatedly, but there are times when they should exercise caution before boarding a plane. Differences in air pressure can be difficult for the body, and those who feel pain in their ears might be inviting more trouble than they can imagine.

Traveling with an earache can be dangerous because the pain can be caused by an infection deep in the ear, and it can result in a permanent loss of hearing. An intelligent person will take the time to have it checked out by a physician before going on a trip, and it could be well worth the time spent if it avoids damaging the ear.

A Deep Infection

There are many different parts of the ear that can become infected, and not all of them are easy for a person to see on their own. A physician can look through an otoscope to see the eardrum and the canal leading to it, and they can generally make a diagnosis.

If there is an infection in that part of the ear, they might caution their patient from traveling by air. Some infections can withstand that type of travel, so it is best for a patient to seek a professional opinion.

Closed Eustachian Tubes

When there are changes in the air pressure, many people feel it in their ears. There is a pathway between the outer ear canal and the throat that equalizes air pressure, but closed Eustachian tubes can be an issue. When they are unable to open due to an infection, balancing the pressure between the ear membranes and the pressure outside the body can be impossible.

This is when damage can occur, and it may be permanent if left unchecked for any reason. A qualified medical professional will generally prescribe medicine to cure the infection and open the tubes, so getting them checked when the pain or pressure begins could save a person’s hearing.

The Damage Is Done

When traveling by air with closed Eustachian tubes, damage can occur at any time. Those who have chosen not to visit their doctor might eventually find they have a permanent hearing loss.

This is determined when the doctor gives them a hearing test, and they might need hearing aids Stockport to restore some or all of their normal hearing. At AJC Hearing, patients will find a wide variety of the most sophisticated units on the market to help with their aural issues.  Sometimes all that is required is an ear wax removal Stockport session to improve hearing.

It might seem like an earache is a small issue that does not need attention, but the damage that can be caused is potentially permanent. With only one set of ears, it pays for people to consult a physician for a Stockport hearing test any time they have an ache that lasts more than a day or two. Those who are getting ready to travel by air should take the same precaution before they step aboard. It might seem like an imposition, but it could save them a lifetime of hearing issues that can never be resolved without mechanical assistance.